How to digest that massive Thanksgiving meal

Time to get out the roasters, good dinner plates and recipe books to create that amazing Thanksgiving Day dinner.  If you are like my family, you will make way too much of everything and never eat all those leftovers you stuff back into the fridge. We at Houston Enzymes are, of course, all about eating, well, at least as far as how what we eat gets digested.  And while we want your holiday to be wonderful, we also want you to spend your time with family and friends and not knocked out on the couch by the 3500 calories in that Thanksgiving meal. That's right, the average Turkey Day meal is around 3500 calories. And by the end of the day you will probably have consumed  anywhere from 5000 to 6000 calories total. Now I'm not going to lecture you about eating to excess; we can do that once or twice a year and not feel bad about it.  But consider that you are putting quite a strain on a gastrointestinal tract that is used to much less intake. You can help yourself immensely by using enzymes to break down those foods more quickly and thoroughly. Remember also that because you are eating larger portions, you will need larger doses of enzymes to process that amount of food.  You may find that you don't feel as tired and the bloating and gassiness should be much diminished. Take a look at our high-lipase formula Lypazyme. Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to try our newest product as the fat content of a Thanksgiving meal averages around 75 to 100 grams. The lipases in Lypazyme help break those fats apart. This in turn helps the stomach to empty quicker - so you can eat more, yay! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Houston Enzymes