If it doesn't work, why do you keep doing it?

A customer called for help with adjusting her enzyme dosing recently. We have talked several times in the past, and she's one of our most enthusiastic customers. She mentioned that when she called a few months ago with questions about mixing enzymes and supplements, she had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Houston. She said, “We talked a long time about all the things I give my daughter that don’t made a difference, unlike the enzymes. He asked me, ‘Why do you parents keep doing things that don’t work?’” She appreciated this question and indeed wondered why she had continued to purchase products that didn’t help. With the enzymes, however, she could see a significant improvement when her daughter took them. And when she stopped, she saw a quick deterioration. I was a customer for two years before working for Houston Enzymes. My family sees results when we take the enzymes, and we see old problems return when we stop. Are you spending money on products that don’t work? Why?