Dr. Devin Houston

Why Your Child (and You!) Still Need Enzymes

by Dr. Devin Houston, Ph.D. from the TACA Autism Blog The best manner in which to judge the credibility of any product, practice or methodology within a population is... Read More

How Enzymes Knock Down Food Allergens 

Food intake, considered a pleasure by most, also represents a health hazard in situations where metabolism is altered or if food proteins are recognized as harmful by the immune system. Read More

Gut Bacteria May Influence Risk for Diabetes

[caption id="attachment_642" align="aligncenter" width="222"] Species of gut bacteria. Source: Centers for Disease Control[/caption] A recent article provides more evidence that many of our health problems are linked to not just... Read More

Bugs, Bumps and Better Digestion: Get Hot Summer Tips

Our popular summertime enzyme tips are back! Along with the heat, humidity and bugs come more outdoor activities for the kids, which means more chance of bumps, bites, and bruises. Read More

TACA Autism Webinar: Enzymes for Your Real Life

Register now for the May 17 webinar "Enzymes for Your Real Life", hosted by TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). Read More

Exorphin Peptides from Food May Affect Cysteine Uptake

Restrictive dietary interventions such as the gluten-free and casein-free diets have shown to be helpful in improving intestinal balance as well as autoimmune and neurological issues. Read More

Good Carbs and How to Digest Them

You hear a lot about carbohydrates these days. Are carbs good or bad? Which carbs should you eat most: starchy or fibrous? And why do so many people have... Read More

Chemicals or Enzymes? Pigging Out on Starch Ingredients May Hold the Answer

The food industry often uses chemically modified starches (CMS) to “enhance” food products.  CMS are used to change the gooeyness of a food ingredient and are used in a... Read More

The Future of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The mark of a good enzyme product is longevity. Competitive markets quickly separate what works from what does not and this is ever so true with the supplemental enzyme market. Read More

CRISPR: Boon to Humanity or Doom to Humanity?

[caption id="attachment_584" align="aligncenter" width="192"] Image source nature.com[/caption] CRISPR is something everyone should begin to understand and to debate the consequences. Read More