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One way — maybe the most important way — we believe we are different is the level of care we strive to give in helping consumers.

Our CEO, Devin Houston, recently talked with two excellent interviewers. They come from different venues, yet share a common realization of how digestive wellness affects overall wellness.

Listen, watch, and learn how enzymes can help with digestive intolerances and support gut health.

Autism Hope Alliance video interview with Kristin:
Kristin is the President/Chairperson of Autism Hope Alliance and the parent of a child with autism. Kristin and Dr. Houston talk about these issues:

  • How do I figure out which enzyme product to use?
  • How do I figure out the dose? Is what is on the bottle the right dose for adults as well as children?
  • How often should the dose be taken?
  • How do I know the product is working?
  • How long before I see results? 

The Funk-tional Nutrition Podcast interview with Erin:
All About Digestive Enzymes with Dr. Devin Houston

Erin is a nutritionist with a popular website and podcast. Erin asks Dr. Houston a range of questions that include these areas:

  • Enzymes 101
  • Is it possible to have an enzyme deficiency?
  • How lactose intolerance increases with age
  • Why it’s important to get a “headstart” on food breakdown
  • Keto + high fat diets without a gallbladder
  • How dietary fat impacts stomach emptying and digestion
  • Digestive discomfort at night
  • How the gallbladder works and what happens when it gets removed
  • How quickly do enzymes work?
  • Is longterm use of digestive enzymes problematic?
  • Can your body stop producing them?
  • How pancreatic enzymes are released
  • Optimal time to take digestive enzymes
  • Where to start with food intolerances
  • The problem with food sensitivity testing
  • Polyphenols in plants + histamine reactions
  • Safety in children

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