Summer Updates

"Lazy days of summer"; whoever thought that up? I have neglected updating the blog (sorry!) but writing is hard when life is hectic.  I'll try to give a brief update of happenings around here... 1.  Now have a Twitter account set up at  Please consider following as I may offer specials and surprises to those who keep up.  If you have an account, let me know, I like to keep up with what's happening in your life! 2. Check out The Enzyme Digest which should be emailed out soon. 3. TriEnza Chewables are in production!!  Look for them by end of August, will announce on Twitter when they arrive. 4.  Check out this link:  It's a research article on how enzymes help in gluten digestion, very interesting reading.  Lends credibility to what we've been saying for years. 5. Look for us at the Fall Defeat Autism Now! conference in Dallas October 8-11. Enjoy the rest of your summer!