Survey Update: Do enzymes work for special diet needs?

Many of our customers have children with special needs who are using enzymes with or in place of the GFCF Diet (gluten-free, casein-free diet).  Our survey for those customers is on-going and can be taken by clicking here. Survey results so far: Do you currently use Peptizyde, AFP-Peptizyde or TriEnza? Peptizyde 12% AFP-Peptizyde 36 % TriEnza 49% No Response(s) 3 % Was the GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free) diet ever used in your family? Yes 87% No 13% If you challenged the GFCF diet, how effective were enzymes? Very effective, no longer strictly GFCF   61 % Somewhat effective for some infractions  29 % Not effective, had to stay totally on diet  10 % How likely are you to do business with us again? Very likely   96 % Somewhat likely 3.0 % Neutral   <1 % Somewhat unlikely 0 % Very unlikely  <1 % A sample of comments from participants: "For us the AFP was Great so that our Grandson could eat normal food like everyone else. Making our lives and our Grandchild's life so much easier." "Best thing that has EVER happend in regards to food." "Still limit his amount of gluten and casein products but nothing like before. We love these!" "We are now able to eat out without taking food with us to the restaurant!" "My son actually improved more on enzymes and off the diet than he did on the diet." "Trienza is even more effective than the gfcf diet was for my son!! We are so grateful for this product!!!" Take the survey: click here.