Remember to take enzymes near the beginning of each meal; with the first few bites is fine.

Here is a Q and A on capsules and timing from our newsletter:

Q:  We've been using your enzymes for about a year and they've made a huge difference for my daughters and me.  Today my eight-year-old took a No-Fenol capsule and a TriEnza capsule at 6:30 before we ate dinner. Unfortunately it turned out she was sick with a stomach bug and at 7:40 she vomited.  The enzymes came up and were still intact.  I was surprised because I always assumed the capsules were dissolving right before we ate and the enzymes were working on the food.  Why do you think they didn't dissolve?  Is this a problem?

A:  The capsules have been tested to dissolve in no later than 30 minutes under conditions represented by the normal stomach. When the stomach is "sick" prior to vomiting, the churning motion stops. This motion is needed to dissolve the capsule.  Since you reported the enzymes have been helpful, I would think that the capsules have been dissolving normally.  It is just that the conditions prior to vomiting are not conducive to capsule dissolution.