Top 10 (year) reasons to use Houston Enzymes

2011 will mark the 10thanniversary of Houston Enzymes.

We started with Peptizyde and HN-Zyme Prime and sold our first product in April of 2001.  It is hard to believe how far we have come since those days, and how quickly the years passed.

Every year of business has been better than the previous and we take that as a vote of confidence by our customers.  We took a unique product that addressed a definite need and asked for your trust in using it.

The feedback was outstanding and humbling to me.  My biggest blessing over the years is the many stories told of children getting better and families leading more normal lives.  I love meeting you and your kid at the conferences, the hugs from the moms, and seeing the smiles on your child's face.

Top Ten (Year) Reasons to Use Houston Enzymes

#10.  Fast, flexible ordering online or by phone. In most cases, your order is shipped out the day you order.  Call our toll-free number and talk to one of our Customer Service representatives if you have a special circumstance that needs addressing.  You can leave your order on our secure voice-mail any time of the day or night.  Our website,, also allows 24/7 ordering.

#9.  Customer access to the product formulator/company owner.
Many CEOs insulate themselves from customers, delegating customer questions to employees.  As the company owner and product formulator, I try to make myself available to answer questions that need specialized attention.  You can reach me by email, phone, Facebook, orTwitter.  I do my best to answer questions by the next business day.

#8.  Digestive results may be observed quickly.
I formulate my products with high amounts of enzymes in order that you may achieve quick results to your digestive problems.  In most cases, a noticeable improvement may be realized within the first 3 days of enzyme use.

#7.  Completely plant-based enzyme products.
My enzyme formulations use only plant-based enzymes.  No pancreatic enzymes derived from animal sources are used.  Even the capsule is plant-based.

#6.  Unique product line allows for customized enzyme use.
Our products are designed to focus on specific dietary food issues.  We don't believe in "one product fits all" formulations because your diet and digestion can vary from others.  Our products are designed to be "mixed and matched" to your specific dietary needs.

#5.  Safety.
Great care has been taken to provide our customers with the most potent and safe products available.  We use a manufacturer with top-rated laboratory and Quality Control protocols in place. Enzymes are one of the safest supplements in the industry.  No chance of over-dosing since there is no toxic limit for any digestive enzyme. Enzymes will not interfere with most medications or other supplements. Our only caution is that enzymes are protein and therefore have the potential to be allergenic, though this is rare.  If you have never used an enzyme product, use caution until you are sure you are not allergic to enzymes.

#4.  Increases bio-availability of food nutrients.
Oral enzyme supplements increase digestion of foods.  If foods are more thoroughly digested, then the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients will be made available for absorption in the GI tract.  Oral enzymes act to support normal digestion.

#3.  Provides for a more healthy gut environment.
Any undigested foods within the gut can be a source of growth for bad bacteria and yeast.  By ensuring that foods are broken down completely in the gut, less likelihood exists for bacterial blooms.

#2.  Houston Enzymes products can be an alternative to some restrictive diets.
Many food intolerances can be diminished or eliminated by the proper use of proteolytic and carbohydrase enzymes. Our enzyme products are acid-stable and work in the stomach (where proteins and peptides are NOT absorbed).  This allows problem foods to be broken down in the "safe house" of the stomach.  By the time the food mass enters the small intestine, those foods are no longer a source of intolerance.  Because of this attribute, our enzymes can be used with diets or as a substitute to certain diets.  This allows a little more freedom and flexibility in the planning of meals and family nights out.

And the Top Reason to use Houston Enzymes:

#1.  Houston Enzyme products are formulated by an enzyme biochemist.
Let's face it.  There are many enzyme companies out there claiming to be enzyme "experts".  But you be the judge.  Would you rather your enzyme products be formulated by someone with an earned doctorate in Medical Biochemistry, demonstrated ability and publications in the area of enzyme biochemistry, and industrial experience in enzyme dietary supplements?  That is what you get when you use products from Houston Enzymes.

It's easy to say you're an expert when no one asks you to prove it, so go ahead, ask us!  Then ask the other companies...  

- Devin Houston