Where We Are Now...

Do the last two years seem a blur to you? What with lockdowns, travel restrictions, and large gatherings discouraged, connections with others may seem lost or at least minimized. Now we must deal with inflation, rising prices, shortages, and wars. Sometimes it may all seem too much to handle.


Due to covid, I haven't attended a conference or traveled since February of 2020. I miss seeing customers and other friends I've made in the last 20 years while exhibiting at conferences. I miss speaking to the large audiences who want to know more about enzymes and helping their digestion. I hope to be on the road again this Fall and will let you know when I do. 


Meanwhile, I can update you on the latest at Houston Enzymes. After many years of dedicated service, Cindy Kelley decided to leave the company last September for new ventures. She was a valuable asset to the company and we miss her hard work and attention to detail. She still contacts us every now and then, which we appreciate. Her leaving is one reason you haven't received a newsletter from us for several months. I will attempt to take over those duties, but am not sure I can do as well as Cindy!


I celebrated my 65th birthday in January, which I find difficult to believe. In my mind I am 27! We haven't updated my photo in our brochures or the website so I attached a pic taken this week. Less hair, more grey! Hey, I'm just happy to still be around! I continue to come into the office almost every day, and check my emails at least 12 times a day so I can answer your questions quickly. My staff is excellent and don't really need me around to do their jobs but they pretend I am still important. Retirement is not an option yet!


Houston Enzymes had its best year in sales in 2021 and 2022 looks to set another record. We owe it to our loyal customers, some who have been with us from Day One! I love the fact that I have met and know so many of them. I think of them as friends more than as customers. What makes my job so great is knowing that my company has helped so many over the years. 


I continue to consult with our manufacturers to provide the best ingredients and latest innovations. We come out with new products only if we feel they can make a difference in our customers' lives. I stay up on the medical research concerning digestive health, and keep looking for solutions to problems that still bother us. I intend to write more and use our newsletter as a vehicle to inform our customer base on the latest trends and advances in the industry. Keep an eye out for future issues, though their delivery may be on an irregular schedule (sorry, Cindy!).