Why Enzymes?

When I was in graduate school, we had a professor who was rather strange. He was from India, very smart, spoke English well but would sometimes lapse into his own unique language. For example, on one of his tests a question was worded: "Why 5S RNA?" Completely stumped as to what was being asked, I answered, "Why not 5S RNA?", which happened to NOT be the correct answer. Why enzymes? 1. Enzymes make sense. The typical Western diet leaves much to be desired. Enzymes can insure that we are getting all the nutrition available from whatever we eat. For those on restrictive diets, enzymes can many times offer a more convenient and preferable alternative. 2. Enzymes are safe. Enzymes are proteins, just like those found in vegetables. They just happen to have special properties in that they break down other proteins, carbohydrates, starches, and fats. They are not toxic at any dose. Their effects are due to the products of their reactions, that is, producing sugar from carbs, or fatty acids from triglycerides, amino acids from proteins. 3. Enzymes are predictable. Enzymes have been studied and characterized for decades. We know what they do and how they do it. That's more than can be said for most botanicals and herbal products. 4. Enzymes are cost-effective. Compared to some of the diets that enzymes provide an alternative to, enzymes are a huge money-saver. 5. Enzymes are the future. Do a web search on "Enzymes" and you will be amazed at the applications in which enzymes are used. It would be wise to educate yourself on enzymes. They may be the next household word. "Why enzymes?", indeed.