Zyme Prime Chewable with Xylitol/Fructose is Back!

We recently made some changes to our Zyme Prime Chewable by switching from fructose/xylitol to a stevia-based sweetener.  Results were mixed, but generally many found that their children did not like the new flavor.  I take my customers' comments seriously, so we are now using a combination of fructose and xylitol for the sweenter, and a great raspberry-pomegranate flavor. If there is a strong demand for the stevia-sweetened Zyme Prime, we will certainly consider carrying that version.  For now, however, we plan on carrying just the newer xylitol/fructose version. Let us know what you think at info@houston-enzymes.com or call 866-757-8627 - and remember we offer free samples for trying out the flavors.