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Greetings from Ice Station Arkansas!

Just as the Super Bowl was ending, my wife heard the hum of the furnace, and yelled, "The power's back on!!"  After 6 days off the main grid, yes, we... Read More

Another Great DAN! Conference!

Finally rested up from the San Diego trip to Defeat Autism Now. The conference was very well attended by both attendees and vendors. Read More

Enzyme Myths, Part 2

Question: Are enzymes inactivated at temperatures higher than 118 Fahrenheit? Ah, the magical 118 number! When Edward Howell wrote his book on enzymes, he concluded that at above 118 degrees... Read More

Guest Blog by Major T. Cat

Hello, my human slave (aka "the-one-who-feeds-me") fell asleep at his computer thingy, thereby allowing me this opportunity to smack his mouse around a bit (why it's called a mouse is... Read More

Enzyme Myths, Part 1

I see a lot of ads for enzymes on the Internet, many of them making absurd claims or just downright lying. Read More

Consider the Firefly...

I spent the first 14 years of my life in Southeastern New Mexico: dry desert country. Our summer vacations, however, were spent in southern Missouri where my grandparents lived. Read More

Why Enzymes?

When I was in graduate school, we had a professor who was rather strange. He was from India, very smart, spoke English well but would sometimes lapse into his own... Read More