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Get ready to try enzymes over the summer - learn how with a free seminar from Dr. Devin Houston, owner of Houston Enzymes. Read More

Did You Know...? Tip for starch digestion

Some food enzymes work better in combination with other enzymes. For example, amylase is an enzyme associated with the breakdown of amylose, or starch, as known by most. Read More

3 reasons people love our enzyme packs

3 reasons people love our enzyme packs: 1. They seal up to hold a few doses of enzymes. 2. They fit in your pocket. 3. They are reusable. Read More

Long Live Frozen Enzymes

Our last trip for 2012 was to the National Autism Association's annual conference at St. Pete's Beach, Florida. Read More

Enzymes: Breaking It All Down in ASD

Addressing digestive issues can lead to improved digestion for ASD kids... and you. Read More

The More You Know About Enzymes...

I attended an autism conference several weeks ago and became involved in a discussion group with some other doctors.  One very prominent practitioner made some statements about the use of... Read More

Are raw foods a source of enzymes?

Once in a while I get an email admonishing me for not emphasizing raw foods as a source of digestive enzymes. Read More

Tips for matching enzymes and foods

Some enzyme-food pairings are obvious: lactase with lactose (dairy) and cellulase for cellulose (fibrous foods). But most enzyme names are somewhat ambiguous as to which foods they affect. Read More

Zyme Prime Chewable with Xylitol/Fructose is Back!

We recently made some changes to our Zyme Prime Chewable by switching from fructose/xylitol to a stevia-based sweetener. Read More