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Get your Enzymes Quick Start Guide

After looking over our web site, are you still unsure which product to try or how to use it?   Our new Enzymes Quick Start Guide may be helpful to you. Read More

Top 10 (year) reasons to use Houston Enzymes

2011 will mark the 10thanniversary of Houston Enzymes. Read More

Enzyme Talk in Massachusetts

We are looking forward to visiting families in Massachusetts at the Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) - Wrentham, Massachusetts chapter. Read More


Remember to take enzymes near the beginning of each meal; with the first few bites is fine. Read More

Let's go to NAA's National Autism Conference

We are preparing for the National Autism Conference in Tampa, Florida - November 11-14. Houston Enzymes will be an exhibitor and Dr. Devin Houston will be a speaker. Read More

Seminar in Cincinnati October 19

Join us for a special event in Cincinnati - Tuesday, October 19 Read More

Stomach acidity: To betaine or not to betaine

My anatomy professor in college amazed us naive students one day by drinking a glass of diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl).  We thought it was a death-defying stunt until he told... Read More

Enzymes for gray hair?

It didn't take long for some dietary supplement companies to take this information and provide a so-called "solution" to the problem.  Read More

The Problem with "Studies".

Today I came across a study indicating that diet plays no role in autism.  You can see the article here.  Of course we don't see the actual data.  All we... Read More

Enzymes: Not Just for Kids!

The great majority of our customers are families living with autism.  They find that enzyme use helps support their children's digestive system: firmer stools, more regular movements, less gas and... Read More