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Enzymes for gray hair?

It didn't take long for some dietary supplement companies to take this information and provide a so-called "solution" to the problem.  Read More

The Problem with "Studies".

Today I came across a study indicating that diet plays no role in autism.  You can see the article here.  Of course we don't see the actual data.  All we... Read More

Enzymes: Not Just for Kids!

The great majority of our customers are families living with autism.  They find that enzyme use helps support their children's digestive system: firmer stools, more regular movements, less gas and... Read More

Webinar May 12 - The Role of Enzymes in Autism: Hope or hype?

I hope you will join me for my next webinar -  "The Role of Enzymes in Autism: Hope or hype?"  I will be presenting live on May 12, 12:00 pm -... Read More

Next Event in San Antonio March 20

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010 Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm Location: Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (Gym) Street: 6914 Wurzbach Rd City: San Antonio, TX Hosted by: San Antonio National... Read More

If it doesn't work, why do you keep doing it?

A customer called for help with adjusting her enzyme dosing recently. We have talked several times in the past, and she's one of our most enthusiastic customers. Read More

Hey NYC!

Dr. Houston will be presenting for the NAA (National Autism Association) New York Metro chapter on November 18.  Details at http://www.naanyc.org/.  This has been a most welcoming group to work with.  We... Read More

Join our Webinar on Nov. 17

Our next webinar is Nov 17: Enzymes to Support Digestion in Autism and PDD. This live webinar is for the South African Association for Nutritional Therapists and will be more... Read More

6 Tips for Dosing Enzymes

Enzymes are safe and easy to try.  Here are six dosing tips to help you get started: 1.  Take enzymes with each meal.  The enzymes move out of the stomach... Read More

Enzymes and Weight Loss

A recent article appeared in a magazine distributed at a chain of health food stores. In the article were quotes made by me and several others on the benefits of enzymes. Read More