Aller-7 Support

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Aller-7 Support

This product is not formulated by Houston Enzymes and is for purchase here solely as a convenience for our customers wanting 1-stop shopping.  The manufacturer, Reliance Vitamins, produces high quality supplements without artificial flavorings or colors.


Aller-7™ Support

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Tablet

Servings per Container: 30

 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid 100 mg 167%
Proprietary Herbal Blend** 660 mg  ***
Quercetin 500 mg ***
MSM**** 1,300 mg ***
Stinging Nettles 200 mg ***
Bromelain (2400 GDUs/g) 25 mg ***
Proprietary berry blend***** 25 mg ***
Feverfew leaf 25 mg ***
Turmeric rhizome 50 mg ***
Ginger rhizome 35 mg ***
***Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: May contain one or more of the following: dicalcium phosphate, cellulose, silica, stearic acid and magnesium stearate.

**From Aller-7™, a patent-pending proprietary blend of seven botanical extracts produced by InterHealth N.I., market leaders in scientifically-validated nutritional ingredients.  The extracts include; Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Albizia lebbeck, Zingiber officinale, Piper longum and Piper nigrum.

****From OptiMSM™ brand of premium MSM.

*****From OptiBerry™, a patent-pending proprietary blend of six berry-producing plants produced by InterHealth N.I.  The plants include: wild blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, wild bilberry, elderberry and raspberry.

Aller-7™ and OptiBerry™ are trademarks of InterHealth N.I.

OptiMSM™ is a trademark of Cardinal Nutrition.